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i've loved greek mythology since i first learnt about it in school when i was 8, and now it turns out i'm gay? coincidence? i think not.

Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-9714686-0-5 1. Homosexuality—Mythology. The Nemean games were drawing near and his heart pounded with thoughts of glory, racing other...

Виночерпий-гей на горе Олимп? Геи-любовники на Троянской войне? Некоторые древнегреческие поэты с острова Лесбос рассказывают о гомосексуальных отношениях этой... #pencil #sketch #amateur #gay #greek #goddess #mythology #cool My version of Medusa, what do you #Medusa #Mythology #Blvck #Drawing #Sketch #Color Mis serpientes parecen delfines.

Gay themed Art, Drawings and Painting. Запрос на вступление. Поиск в сообществе. 622 участника. - Для всех. Gay Art & Drawings.

Файл:Drawing-Gay flag.png. Материал из Википедии — свободной энциклопедии. Talk:Narcissus (mythology).

This is a list of homosexual or bisexual figures in ancient myth . Acantha - Greek myth (bisexual). Achilles - Greek myth (bisexual). Adonis - Greek myth (bisexual). Apollo - Greek god (bisexual). Ardhanari - Hindu deity (intersexed). Arjuna - Hindu myth (transgender/intersexed).
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