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International. Evangelical Christianity does not have the same political conservatism in Malaysia as it does in America. "Malaysia has socialized healthcare, no guns," she said.

Strongly worded statements from President Obama, Secretary of State John F. Kerry and U.N. General Secretary Ban Ki-moon merely reinforce the argument that the West is imposing an international "gay agenda" on unwilling nations.

International. Arabic. Español. Set edition preference: U.S. International. Confirm. that focuses its work "to eliminate discrimination based on sexuality or gender, in order to embrace and celebrate the equality and diversity of all," according to director Jayne Ozanne, a gay Christian evangelical leader...

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SPIN also found contributions to Promise Keepers, a ministry that only allows men as members and whose founder once called gay people "an abomination against almighty God," and to The Navigators, an evangelical organization that referred to homsexuality as "sexual brokenness" in a 2013 publication.

An international court ruling saying Costa Rica should allow same-sex marriage has upended the Central American nation's presidential race, turning evangelical candidate Alvarez has also opposed same-sex marriage, while supporting the idea of recognizing certain other rights for gay couples.

2 Initiatives. 2.1 National Religious Broadcasters. 2.2 NAE Chaplains Commission. 2.3 World Relief. Arthur Evans Gay, Jr. introduced President Ronald Reagan for what was to become known as his "Evil Empire" speech.[11] The 50th anniversary Evangelical Friends Church International (joined 1971).

Ivanka Trump's meeting with evangelical leaders after the National Prayer Breakfast lasted over two hours. Moore called the openness of the Trump White House to meeting with famous evangelical leaders as a "gift." Ivanka Trump discusses government's top 2018 initiatives with Franklin Graham...
Image : Ivanka Trump Met With Evangelical Leaders For Hours