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Patroc Milan Gay Guide: Select all the venues you are interested in and print your own gay guide for Milan. This page collects all the information from the previous pages and is more convenient if you want to print out a complete gay guide for Milan.

Events in Milan. Gay Map: Milan. Adam Rippon: Proud to Be America's (Gay) Sweetheart With a wink and nod, the Olympian declared himself "America's Sweetheart."

Milan Gay Cruising Areas. La Fossa. The most infamous square in Milan where one can pick up a Male prostitute, and pay for gay . Crowd: Male prostitutes, gay, bi and straight, tranSvestites and tranuals.

Milan gay guide. Milan is the second-largest city in Italy with a population of about 1.4 million. Milan is the main industrial, commercial and financial centre of Italy. The city is a major world city for fashion and design.

Although a little dingy, Via Sammartini is the city's designated gay street and that's where you'll find a couple of Milan's most popular gay bars. Elsewhere you'll find a variety of other hotspots, from mixed bars to gay house clubs.
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